About Equine Spot

Hello fellow horseman! I'm Cathy Cleveland, and I’d like to tell you about Equine Spot, my equine loving passion. I have virtually spent a lifetime around horses. As I began teaching my own daughters about working with horses, I realized just how much knowledge I had gathered over the years, including an A.S. Degree in Animal Health Technology.

It took me years to accumulate this experience and all the know-how that comes along with it….and I am still learning new things today! That got me to thinking…why not create a fun place where horsemen can visit and learn in a friendly relaxed environment?

Horses have always had a special place in my heart. My first horse was a mustang I adopted from the Bureau of Land Management. She was the love of my life. But it was also my observation that other horses and their owners did not fare so well. This saddened me deeply.

Me and my mustangGrowing up with my Mustang mare

A horse’s welfare is directly tied to the people who own it. The more knowledgeable the owner, the better quality of life that horse will lead. This applies to every aspect of equine management from housing conditions and feed, to training methods and handling.

The heart of equinespot.com is about bettering the conditions and welfare of horses, and increasing the joy factor for their people. The joy that people find with their horses and other horsemen is the key to their success as equine owners.

All the photos you see on and about Equine Spot are of real everyday horsemen just like you. You won’t find impeccably groomed horses in high manicured stables on this site. You’ll see back country horsemen, packers, and folks with horses living in their back yards; ponies, mules, mustangs and no-name breeds of every shape and size.

I find sharing real world experiences and useful information about horses fun and very satisfying. You’ll find that most horsemen are more than happy to share what they have learned. Sometimes they’ll offer methods that don’t sound quite right to you. Follow your gut instincts and weed the nonsense out from the golden nuggets. If it doesn't sound safe or humane, it probably isn't. Do what works for you and your horse and continue to ask questions.

You can be guaranteed that any problem you run up against has been addressed by someone else too. And that’s what equinespot.com is all about. Learning, sharing and having fun. I’m so glad you dropped by for a visit!

Most Sincerely,

Cathy Cleveland

P.S. I live on the coast in Northern California. This is a short clip of one of our beach rides. We topped the dunes only to discover the tide was high, but oh what a beautiful sunny day!

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