Equine Paintings
Artist Cathy Cleveland


Fall in Love With Your Spaces

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A Horsey History

Equine paintings predate the calendar. Horses - paintings of speed, power and beauty grace the cave walls of early man. Cave men, who science claims were incapable of speech, were obviously capable of recognizing greatness when they saw it!

Show Your Equine Passion and Your Style

Man has always been infatuated with the mighty equine. You too? There is no better way to display your appreciation of such a magnificent creature than with a beautiful piece of wall art. Turn your house into a home with style. Your own horse loving style.

If you've been poking around Equinespot, it's kind of obvious I'm into horses....while you're looking at my horse art, please don't be surprised with my other non horse paintings....especially my ridiculous Fetus Humor series!

My equine art prints can be purchased right here at Equinespot.com via Fine Art America, which is where they come from. You’ll get a dazzling array of canvas and framing choices and fantastic customer service!

The beauty of equine paintings is that they fit so wonderfully in almost any decor setting. The sophisticated modern room almost begs for a sleek oil painting of an elegant powerful horse.

How often have you found yourself admiring the work of an artist who brings the West to life with a rugged scene filled with wild mustang horses in action? It’s paintings like these that add such rustic charm to our spaces.

Horse art doesn't have to be serious. They can be colorful, vibrant and playful too, perfect for the kid’s room.

My Horse Painting Story

At the young age of seven I started to draw horses. I was absolutely fascinated with them. I didn't have a horse at the time and neither did anyone in my family, but that didn't dampen my enthusiasm. Pencils and crayons matured into canvas and oil paints. I finally got my horse….and my paintings of horses….well, you’ll just have to take a look to see for yourself. 

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