Equine Nutrition - Guide to Feeding a Horse

Get the basics on equine nutrition for your horse. What’s the best hay for my horse? How do I deal with equine weight loss? Do I really need horse feed supplements? Find answers here. 

Horse Hay

Horse hay do's and don'ts and best feed practices for healthy happy horses.

Horse Water

Giving a horse water can be as deadly as it is life giving. Learn best practices for water with your horses.

Horse Weight Loss

Dealing with horse weight loss in hard keepers, senior horses and starved rescue horses.

Grain Feed

Horse grain - How much does my equine need? Oats or corn? What's the difference? It's all right here...

Horse Salt Block

Horse Salt Block - and other minerals. Why your horse's diet may not be balanced. 

Selenium Deficiency

Selenium deficiency - in equines can be corrected to prevent white muscle disease in adult horses and newborn foals.

Hot Horse Feed

Was your horse born hot or did you make him that way? Could hot horse feed be the cause of your horse's unruly behavior?

Equine Nutrition and Your Horse

The feed choices you make for your equine play a huge role in their health and well being. Blend the basic nutrients of horse feed to work with your horses’ age, health requirements and activity level…..and bingo…… you've got the perfect feed program for your critter!

Alfalfa, clover and grass hay for horses are all great, but which one should your horse be on? They all have their pro's and con's. One thing they do have in common is the roughage they provide. Which brings me to the next subject….

Grain. What's the difference between whole oats, rolled oats, rolled corn, sweet cob, and barley anyway? How much and what kind of grain does your horse need? Learn how to customize your horse's feed plan.

I've got four horses going on the same trail ride, burning nearly the same calories and no two of them get the same amount of feed for dinner. One is an easy keeper. One is not. One is a senior. And one is a slender built overgrown pony.

To see what I mean about individual meal plans, check out this article written by an equine nutrition specialist titled '5 Common Mistakes Made When Feeding a Horse'.

And what about horse feed supplements, minerals and salt blocks? Is your horse living in a selenium deficient area?

You might find yourself dealing with weight loss in an equine senior, the health hazards of too much weight gain in a pony, or trying to flesh out a rescue horse. One thing for sure is that the equine nutrition requirements for horses change with time and circumstances. Arm yourself with knowledge.

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