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Ideas for Horse and Rider

Costumes for horses you say? You bet! Are you looking for your next parade idea? A crowd pleaser for your next event? Just want to do something fun with your horse for Halloween?

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Use the clever ideas you find here for great costumes or get inspired to make your own costume ideas a reality. In creating a great horse costume you are only limited by your imagination, your costume construction skills and your horse’s willingness to participate!

Costumes can be as elaborate as your horse will allow. If your horse will not tolerate much in the way of accessories, no worries, you’ll find simple and effective solutions just for you and your horse.

Enhance the Look

Your horse is a blank canvas!Your horse is a blank canvas!

For those of you that have horses that will put up with more elaborate costume accessories, keep an open mind while you are looking at these horse costumes. Look for ways that you can expand on the basic ideas given.

Is there something you can add to the bridle, saddle or stirrups to enrich the look? Will your horse let you apply a headpiece or wear things that dangle or blow in the wind? The more your horse will cooperate, the more elaborate the costume can be!

Your horse is a blank canvas. You can decorate virtually any part of your animal that will help support your costume theme. This especially includes your tack. When creating costume for horses consider all these areas:

  • The Bridle
  • The Saddle
  • Your Horse Blanket
  • The Stirrups
  • The Breast Collar
  • The Mane and Tail
  • Horse’s Forehead
  • Hoofs
  • Legs
  • The Hind Quarters
Painted horse hoovesIt's amazing what a little glitter can do!

Don’t Forget the Rider

Think of yourself as the ultimate accessory! Keep an eye out for complimentary costume ideas for yourself. If you have sewing skills, that’s great. If you don’t, don’t worry. You can get stuff for costumes at costume shops, thrift marts, yard sales and second hand stores. Heck, you never know what you might find in your own closet!

Some of these costume ideas are beautifully simple and effective, while others will be greatly enhanced by the accessories that the rider wears. Attention to small details can really transform a ho-hum costume into a real attention grabber.

Great Costumes for Horses Are:

  • Comfortable for horse and rider
  • Allow freedom of movement
  • Durable enough to stay intact while riding
  • Instantly recognizable
  • Entertaining to  look at
  • Creative!

The parade horse costumes are a bit more elaborate and may require purchased costumes for the rider or some sewing skills. The horse Halloween costumes are very simple and easy to create. Check them both out. You’ll find that many of the costumes will work well for both parading and Halloween.

It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of paint and fabric and a big dose of imagination. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive in and create your own costumes for horses. 

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