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Find all the information on horses you're looking for right here. From amazing facts to crazy horse colors and even the name of those little hard things that grow on the inside of a horses leg!

Horse Colors

Horse colors galore with pictures! See what they're called and how to tell the difference.

Horse Markings

Horse markings - Learn the difference between a sock and a stocking and how it can save a horses life!

Types of Horses

Types of Horses - The 5 major types of horses defined. Learn the difference between warm bloods, hot bloods, gaited horses and so on.

Facts About Horses

Horse facts

Horse Myth Busted

Facts About Horses - Find fun and fascinating facts about equine behavior, world records and horse history.

Horse Myth Busted! Have you fallen for one of these horse myths?

Did you know the United States is estimated to have 9.5 million horses? That's more than any other country in the world! Guess what state has the most horses? Texas. There are nearly 1 million horses in the state of Texas alone. That's almost as many horses as they have in the whole country of Russia.

The Scientific Name for a horse is: Equus Ferus Caballus

The Homo Sapien riding the Equus Ferus Caballus roped the Bos Primigenius!
Translation: The cowboy roped the cow!

Do you know what's funny? Only 2 million people in the US own horses. That means that they own more than one. Ask any horse person and they'll tell you, horses are addicting and one is never enough. Now we have the numbers prove it!

While most horses live in smaller towns across the country, many live in barns in the bigger cities too. About 60% of all horses are kept in pastures, and the other 40% are barn dwellers.

Weird Information on Horses

* Arabian horses have the largest nostrils of any horse breed. That's so they can process more oxygen faster. It's no wonder they are such high endurance athletes!

* On a sad note, 70% of all horses that are sent to slaughter are Quarter Horses between the ages of 3 and 10. If you ever purchase a horse, consider adopting a rescue horse. Remember this motto,

"Buy don't Breed, Adopt don't Buy"

* What is safer, cars or horses? Your odds of dying in a car accident are 1 in 108. Your odds of dying in a horse accident are 1 in 70,000...I think I'll take the horse!

* Australia has the largest wild horse population in the world. They've got 400,000 brumbies running loose. That's about the equivalent of all the horses in the state of Oklahoma.

* A walking horse will use 1/4 a gallon of oxygen per minute. A race horse will use 15 gallons of oxygen per minute while racing.

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Learn common Horse Terms used by horsemen and equestrians.

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Drawing a horse - The Head. The head is simple to draw when you break it down into easy steps.

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