How to Draw A Horse
Easy Step by Step from Head to Hoof

Learn how to draw a horse the easy way. It’s great fun and I’ll show you how. No matter if this is your first horse or your 100th, the more you draw them the better and better you will get...guaranteed! The fastest way to get good a drawing horses is to doodle, doodle crazy...and reap the benefits! Get started here with these easy to follow lessons. 

Draw a Horse Step by Step 

Horse Drawing - Made Simple. This horse drawing lesson is simple and rewarding. If you can draw circles and simple lines you can draw horses. Grab a paper and pencil and let’s get started…

Draw a Horse Head

Drawing a horse - The Head. The head is simple to draw when you break it down into easy steps.

Draw Cartoon Horses

Cartoon horses. Learn to draw cartoon horses in three popular styles.

Draw Horse Legs

How to Draw Horses - The Legs. Learn how to draw horses legs the easy way. It’s simple and anyone can do it. Once you understand how a horse bends and moves those long beautiful legs, you’ll be drawing them like a pro.

Draw a Horse Rearing and Running

Drawing Horses in Action. Drawing horses is fun, but drawing them in action is pure joy! When you show movement in a drawing your whole picture will come to life. So let’s get started…

Draw Horse Hoofs

Draw a Horse - HoofsPeople often get ‘hung up’ on hoofs when they draw a horse. The trick to drawing horse hoofs is to make it simple, so that’s what we’re going to do.

How To Draw A Horse and  Develop Your Own Easy Style

Draw horses in your spare moments. Draw them on napkins and junk mail and pieces of scratch paper by the phone. Why? Because those quick little drawings will develop your skills fast! When you are casually scratching out a horse drawing on the back of an envelope you’re not really worried if it turns out or not. You’re not concerned about producing a ‘Masterpiece’ or wasting expensive art supplies.

How to draw a horse in easy steps

Drawing lots of quick ‘scrap paper’ horse drawings will train you to relax while drawing. A relaxed hand produces a more fluid ‘happy’ horse drawing, while a tight tense hand produces an overworked frustrated sketch.

Believe it or not…your tension or lack of it will show through! When your hand is relaxed you can draw strong lines, soft lines, drama and action.

Another reason to do lots of quick throw-a-way horse doodles is that you will also learn how to show movement and animation in your pictures. Horses are very expressive creatures, but it does take a bit of practice to nail down those beautiful details.

Studies have shown that people who doodle learn faster. Yay for you!

How To Draw A Horse – Make Friends With Your Eraser

Learn how to draw a horse head

When trying to draw that perfect horse back leg you will make mistakes. That’s how we learn. But I’ll let you in on a little artist’s secret….your eraser is your best friend. If you have to erase 15 times until you get that back leg just right…do it.

How to draw a horse tip: draw lightly and erase often when needed. Once you get it just right, trace over your work to make it darker if you wish to. Keep drawing horses on bits of paper and before you know it you’ll find yourself drawing perfect legs and hoofs without the need for an eraser.

How To Draw A Horse Without Frustration

Draw hoofs with ease

Horses are incredibly fun to draw and at the same time they can be incredibly maddening. It’s pretty common to have some body parts that come easily and then other body parts that just seem so difficult. This is where lots of doodle practice comes in handy.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Instead of trying to draw a whole complete horse and getting frustrated, break it down into its parts. If you find hoofs challenging just grab a piece of paper and draw hoofs. Side views, front views, back views, back hoofs and front hoofs.

When first learning how to draw a horse, I found this practice to be very useful. Do this focused drawing with each body part….legs, eyes, head and so on. Once you are producing good looking ‘parts’ put them all together and draw the whole horse. You will find yourself confidently drawing a horse without struggling on one challenging body part.

Drawing Horses – Words of Wisdom From an Artist

Learn to draw horses in action

I was teaching an art class to a bunch of 6th grade students and there was a very important point that I wanted to get across to them. I passed a piece of paper around the group and had each child write my name on it. Then I held it up for all to see.

They all spelled my name correctly and each one was legible. But what I really wanted them to see was that each one was unique because it was in their own hand writing. None any less informative than the next, but each one different. That is what art is like. Your horse drawings will be as unique as your handwriting.

I am a great fan of learning from the masters and trying to copy their style. I love the old Disney Animated Movie art. I am a huge fan of the talented artist that created the likes of ‘Bambi’ and ‘Robin Hood’. But I am not a Disney artist. My style is my own and I have embraced it.

Compete against yourself. Out-draw yourself. Don’t compare your work to others. Study the work of artists you admire and learn from them, but never beat up on yourself as an artist. Embrace your style. Own it. Develop it. Make it yours, no matter if you draw cartoon horses or realistic horses or anything in between. You will be a better artist for it. Let's get started...

I'm so glad you stopped by! Here are those horse drawing lessons again.

Horse Skeleton

This labeled Horse Skeleton diagram shows you how a horse is put together.

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Horse Body Parts

Learn Horse Body Parts with an adorable pony named Cherokee. Take the quiz!

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