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Shop horse lover gift items here. Whether you're shopping for someone special in your life or you just want to find something fun for yourself, you'll find unique customizable gift items here.

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Not sure what to buy? Does it seem like your horse lover has everything they need already? Sure they may have everything they need, but do they have that something special that they didn’t even know they wanted until they saw it and fell hopelessly in love? Of course not! That’s where you come in.

They Don't Own a Horse?
Horse Lover Gift Tips

For the practical horse lover in your life consider things that they will actually use. Coffee cups, coasters and other household items come to mind. How about a custom designed travel mug for those early morning drives out to the barn? Perhaps you could surprise them with a BBQ apron or a canvas shopping bag… all equine themed of course!

Find jewelry boxes, phone cases and teapots for her. For him, check out the water bottles, laptop sleeves and beer steins. You can find small, thoughtful gift items as well; fridge magnets, blank note cards and mousepads. How about a tote bag for the horse trailer?

Feel like splurging? A custom framed piece of equine fine art will compliment any room and last a life time too. Surprise your loved one with heavy duty Messenger Bag. It’s perfect for travel, overnight stays and day trips… Horse shows anyone?

Horse Lover Gift Items for Kids

Got horse crazy kids? You’ll love the kid’s themed artwork. It comes in all price ranges from modest posters to stylish wrapped canvas. Add a couple of matching decorative throw pillows and you’ll have instantly created a horse themed room that they’ll love. 

Tips for Shopping
Gifts for Horse Lovers who Own Horses

There are a few things that every horseman can always use more of. Usually they are the small items that get used on a day to day basis. You can never have too many hoof picks. You need one for the barn, one for the truck, one for the saddle bag and one more because you lost the other one!

You would be surprised how many times an extra halter and lead rope come in handy. You just never know when or where, but when you need it, you need it. And you know what comes in really handy? An extra long, soft cotton rope with a snap. They are perfect for staking horses out (long line), loading into trailers and using as a quick lunge line.

An extra saddle blanket (the kind you fold in half) is always nice. That way you’ve got one to use while your other one is in the wash. If your horseman doesn’t have a set of small saddle bags with a zippered enclosure they will love it if you get them one! Nobody wants to loose a cell phone on the trail…..

You can’t go wrong with any of these thoughtful items; vet wrap, fly spray, wormer, shampoo, leather conditioner, muck boots, a rain slicker or an extra hay net.

Sooner or later they will need extra Chicago screws, swivel snaps and leather cording for tack repair. An awl for hand stitching leather is a real lifesaver too!

Still can’t decide? Get something pretty or practical for use in the home and something they can use in the barn! You just can’t go wrong. Happy shopping!

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