Your First Horse and Beyond -
Are You Ready?

Thinking about owning your first horse? Don't know whether to get a mare or a gelding? Need horse buying tips? All the information you're looking for is right here. Get sound horse advice on all the essentials from basic care to understanding horse body language, equine safety and more.

Are you ready for your first horse?

Learn what supplies and gear you'll need when you bring that pony home. As a first time horse owner you'll need information. Get started on your journey with all the wonderful resources on this page and throughout the site.

Owning your first equine is the thrill of a lifetime or a catastrophe of major proportion. That may sound rather dramatic but it’s true. Horses are dramatic. They are dramatically beautiful, strong, unpredictable and expensive. Are you ready?

Are You Really Ready to Own Your First Horse?
Ask Yourself these Questions

How much riding experience do I have? Have I only been on a dude ranch trail ride or have I taken a fair number of riding lessons?

Do I have a great riding instructor or good friends that have horses that will be there for me to help me get started in the horse world? Have I spent enough time in the saddle that I can honestly say I am not afraid of horses and am ready to take on the responsibility of owning one?

Am I ready for the time commitment? Unlike a dirt bike a horse can’t be left in the barn when I don’t feel like going out for a ride. Do I have the time to ride the animal regularly, week after week, year after year? Does it fit into my lifestyle?

Where will I keep the animal? Am I willing to commute to a barn or horse keeping facility if the horse is not kept at home? If the animal is kept in a stall, can I honestly make the time commitment to get a horse out daily? Every day?

Am I ready for the financial commitment? Have I investigated the true cost of owning a horse? Considered the hidden costs; things like a truck and trailer, unexpected vet bills (believe me, they will occur), travel expenses and horse supplies and feed in general?

If you can honestly answer these questions with a resounding YES, then I’d say you are ready for your first horse!

Your Knowledge About Equines Will Save You Money and Heartache

The experience you have with your first horse will make or break your ‘horse career’. If the experience is bad, your horse days will likely be short lived and painfully disappointing.

Early success with a first horse leads to a lifetime of joy!Early success with a first horse leads to a lifetime of joy!

If the experience is positive, you’re very likely to be on your way to the most fun and satisfying years of your life. Literally, you’ll be in for the ride of a lifetime!

No matter if it’s your very first horse, your third horse or your twentieth horse; one thing will always be true. You will never stop learning about horses.

Every horseman will tell you, no matter how experienced they are, there is always something more to learn about equines….always. It just never ends.

Become a horse information hound. Read books, read blogs, read equine magazines. Buy books on horses when you can and start growing your own reference library. It is time and money well spent.

Hands down the absolute best advice I can possibly give to any new horse owner is this:

Read Everything about Horses You Can Get Your Hands On!

This website is an excellent place to start. There’s tons of free information here to get you started on all the basic essentials about horse keeping. Arm yourself with knowledge. I guarantee you and your horse will be better for it.

Knowledge = Success = Happiness 

I wish you great success and happiness in the adventure you are about to begin! Start right here by bookmarking this page for easy reference to all the free information on Welcome to the horse world! Join me on Google+ for great conversation with other horsemen. There's a whole world waiting for you!

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