Horse Health Care
Guide to Routine Equine Care

You’ll be dealing with horse health care for the life of your horse. It costs just as much to care for a horse that you can’t ride as one you can. Get it right and you’ll enjoy years in the saddle. Get it wrong and you've got an expensive yard ornament.

Equine vaccines are a fact of life for horse owners. Discover which ones you need for your area, which ones you need to get from the vet and which ones you can give yourself to save time and money.

Good horse health care makes for happy horses!

The first time I vaccinated a horse by myself I was nervous. I was so worried I was going to do it wrong somehow, but after doing it, I realized how easy it os. You can learn to do it too.

I found out there’s more to learn about horse teeth than just learning his age. Did you know that floating horses teeth can prevent colic? Horse dentistry is an essential part of every horse health care routine.

Worms, flies and disease.....YUCK! Get an equine worming schedule and stick to it. Know what different horse dewormers do and learn when to use them. 

Horses hoofs grow continually, making horse hoof care a top priority. As the saying goes….”No hoof, no horse,” and that’s a fact Jack! Get the facts about caring for your horses hooves.

Even experienced horseman have questions abut equine nutrition. What's the best hay for my horse? What's the difference between corn and oats? Learn how to deal with equine weight loss and getting the most of of your irreplaceable senior horse.

Horse Vaccines

Horse vaccines protect horses against deadly respiratory and neural diseases, like strangles and equine west Nile virus. Learn which ones you can give yourself to save time and money.

Floating Horses Teeth

Questions about your horses teeth? What is floating and when does your horse need it? Learn the 9 signs your horse may need equine dentistry and 5 Things you don’t want to see with your horses mouth.

Whether you’re new to the horse world or a long time horsemen like me, there’s always something more to learn about horse health care. New horses come along with health care issues, and old horses we've loved and ridden for years develop new needs. 

Horse Health Care Topics

Caring for Horses Hooves

Learn more about horse hoof care and maintenance.

Horse Sheath Cleaning

Horse sheath cleaning is something every gelding and stallion owner will have to deal with sooner or later. Learn how to clean your horse's sheath.

Equine Nutrition

Get the nitty gritty on equine nutrition and best feed practices.

Horse Lovers Gifts

Shop fun horse lover gift items here. Many are customizable.  

Horse Dewormers

Horse dewormers Learn the essentials of a rotational worming program.

How to Deworm a Horse

Deworming horses can sometimes be challenging. Follow these horse worming steps for a successfully wormed hrose.

Equine worming schedule. Get your free printable horse worming chart. This equine worming schedule makes it easy to keep track of when your horse was wormed and what your horse was wormed with. Whether you have one horse or several, you’ll never miss a worming again with this handy horse worming chart. 

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