Funny Horse Names

Funny horse namesFunny Horse Names

Funny horse names have loads of personality. Is your horse a real character? If you're looking for something unusual or out of the norm, you've got to think longer, as in longer names!

Sometimes a one-word name just isn't enough to capture the essence of a personality. Consider using figures of speech and phrases that have multiple meanings. Look for words that describe something unique about your horse.

Don't be afraid to refer to funny movie characters, actors or even cartoons. 

Funny Horse Names Out Loud

Imagine your horse's name being called over a loud speaker. Does it have a stage-quality ring to it? Most funny names do!

A word of caution: Stay away from names that are crude or offensive. They may sound funny at the time, but will not be well accepted by the public or judges. Horse breed registries will not accept a name that is considered vulgar in any way, so have fun, but keep it clean.


Ali Ooop

All Aboard

All That Glitters

All the Rage

At the Opera


Bahama Momma


Better by the Minute


Bone Digger



Buck Snort

Bust a Move

Catch Me If You Can



Complicated Lady

Crazy Horse


Crooner's Delight

Dag Nab It

Dance n' Fool

Drummer Boy

Double Barrel

Electric Cowboy

Fancy Pants

Federal Violation


Flight O' Fancy

Fools Parade


High Top

If Yer Lucky

I'm All In

I'm Yer Man


Jumping Jack Flash


Ladies Man


Long Haul

Long Tall Sally

Lucky Star

Lucky Strike


Meet Me In Dallas

Minute Man


Miss Behaven'

Ol' Blue Eyes

Ooo Da Loli

On The House

Over The Moon

Play It Again

Professor Upstart

Raining Money

Rocket Man

Road Runner

Rodger That


Saddle Bum

Saturday Night

Shake n' It Up

Short Stop

Sic 'em Sam

Side Swipe

Skinny Dippen

Slick Willy

Speedy Gonzoles

Speed Racer

Spit n' Vinigar


Step and Fetch It

Sticker Shock

Stole the Show

Storms a Brewn'


Texas Tornado

Told Ya So

Top Cat


Uncle Fester

Uptown Girl


Who Done It

Who's Counting

Who's the Boss

Witches Brew

Woe B' Gone

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